A Bilateral Gateway

The Polish Chamber of Commerce in the USA promotes the strengthening of economic and trade relationships between the United States and Poland. It is a forum for Polish and American companies and professionals who seek to advance their enterprises and business partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Strong Polish-American political and commercial relations are a vital pillar of our cooperation and an important element in fostering the growth of the Polish economy. I am confident that the Polish Chamber of Commerce USA will play a meaningful role in bringing Polish and American enterprises together to pursue business ventures which benefit both sides, thus increasing the enduring ties which bind our two countries in friendship.”

      – Mateusz Morawiecki, The Prime Minister of Poland

Our Mission

The Chamber is a non profit 501(c)(6) trade association supported by important Polish commercial institutions such as the Polish Development Fund, the Industrial Development Agency and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency as well as major Polish enterprises. We are the gateway to Polish companies operating in virtually every industrial sector, including IT, energy, finance, defense, transport, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

Because we work closely with the Polish Trade and Investment Authority, we have registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Further information is available at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, DC.

Improving the Polish Standard of Living

The Polish Government has established the goal of bringing the standard of living and GDP per capita to Western European standards as soon as practicable, consistent with sound economic management policy.

Polish enterprises, large, medium and small, have a pivotal role to play in the achievement of this goal. By focusing on sustainable growth, innovation, technical prowess, competitiveness and effectively leveraging the deep pool of talented Polish human capital, Polish business enterprises can substantially contribute to raising the standard of living of the Polish people.

Achievement of this objective can be accelerated through increased cooperation and engagement with advanced economies, particularly the United States. Fostering mutually beneficial business arrangements with American partners will enhance the ability of Polish enterprises to help build a wealthier Poland for all its citizens.

What We Do

In support of these objectives, the primary mission of the Polish Chamber of Commerce in the USA is to assist Polish enterprises in engaging the US market across multiple dimensions. The Chamber will facilitate such engagement by introducing Polish companies to relevant US decision makers, potential partners and key influencers to enable a broad range of interactions with US entities. Such interactions include increasing opportunities for the export of Polish products, establishing Polish supply chains to serve US customers, accelerating innovation in Poland through technical exchanges and licensing strategies with leading US enterprises, and encouraging Polish investment in the US to market and manufacture Polish products and services. The Chamber also helps Polish enterprises seeking to do business in the US to navigate US legal and regulatory frameworks by coordinating the assistance of specialized Polish trade agencies, interested US business associations and professional advisors.

In addition, the Chamber actively promotes Poland as an attractive destination for US foreign direct investment. It provides introductions to Polish government and private sector organizations and their key decision makers, and offers guidance to US companies contemplating investments in Poland.

Growth and Business Development

Since lasting economic growth is based on innovative companies, the Chamber will sponsor business visits, forums and other engagement opportunities centered on technology exchanges, best practices and benchmarking and business expansion strategies to strengthen the capability of Polish enterprises through dialogue with US counterparts.

Finally, the Chamber pursues where appropriate advocacy for policy, trade and economic development initiatives to strengthen US-Polish relations in the commercial sphere.

Board of Directors

Kazimierz J. Herchold
Chairman, President and Secretary.

Former Xerox Vice President, Board Director of Fuji Xerox, and Chairman, Xerox International Partners

Izabela Antos
Undersecretary of State at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister
Deputy Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Maj Gen George Close, USA (Ret.)
President, The Spectrum Group

Tomasz Fill
Vice President, Polish Development Fund

Eric K. Lubaczewski – Treasurer
Chairman and CEO, EJR Properties LLC

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, with Chamber Chairman Kazimierz Herchold

Mateusz Morawiecki, the PM of Poland, receives Chamber Chairman, Kazimierz Herchold, and Chamber Director & Treasurer, Eric Lubaczewski