US News: Poland ranked 3rd best place to invest

US News: Poland ranked 3rd best place to invest

According to U.S. News, investors can find a stable safe haven in Poland amid times of global uncertainty. Quoting the World Bank’s forecasts, U.S. News points out that the Polish economy will be in good shape despite Brexit and the refugee crisis taking place in Europe.

In addition to the strength of the country’s human capital, stable and dynamic economic growth and the wise management of public finance have become Poland’s trade mark.

U.S. News: Best countries to invest in

1. The Philippines
2. Indonesia
3. Poland
4. Malaysia
5. Singapore
6. Australia
7. Spain
8. Thailand
9. India
10. Oman
11. The Czech Republic
12. Finland
13. Uruguay
14. Turkey
15. Ireland
16. The Netherlands
17. The United Kingdom
18. Brazil
19. France
20. Chile

Source: U.S. News

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