Why Invest in Poland

Poland has a vibrant economy, which has grown consistently and steadily in the last decade.

Polish Economy

Poland's economic performance

Sovereign Ratings

Moody rating


“The credit profile of Poland (issuer rating A2) is supported by the country’s “a1” economic strength, reflecting its economic resilience based on the scale and competitiveness of its economy as well as one of the highest growth rates among regional peers during the past ten years…” 7/10/2020

S&P rating

“…a well diversified economy, qualified work force, safe level of public and private debt and a prudent monetary policy with a stable banking system… a local currency rating at A/A-1…”

Fitch rating

“The Stable Outlook reflects the resilience of Poland’s economy to the coronavirus shock, an expected boost to medium-term growth from next generation EU (NGEU) funds and our expectations that after deteriorating sharply in 2020, the budget deficit and public debt levels will both improve from 2021 as pandemic-support measures are wound down and the economy recovers”

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