Why Invest in Poland

Poland has a vibrant economy, which has grown consistently and steadily in the last decade.

Polish Economy

Poland's economic performance

Sovereign Ratings

Moody rating

“Overall, Poland’s sound macroeconomic framework underpinned by inflation targeting, national fiscal rules, a flexible exchange rate regime and a stable financial sector support the sovereign’s creditworthiness.”

S&P rating

“…a stable outlook, citing the country’s diversified economy, EU membership and manageable levels of public and private debt, among others…with a local currency rating at A/A-1.”

Fitch rating

“Poland should be relatively resilient to the shock from the Covid-19 pandemic compared with many rating peers, owing to its diversified yet relatively closed economy, moderate tourism sector, net energy importer status, flexible exchange rate, a current account close to balance and some degree of fiscal space to accommodate expansionary fiscal measures.”

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